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FCL Fisker Operations Notice

FCL Fisker Operations Notice

FCL Fisker Operations Notice



March 30, 2020

Dear Valued Clients & Agents,  

As of last week, all Canadian Provinces have essentially declared a State of Emergency due to the expanding COVID-19 pandemic. Measures are being made at all levels from national to city-level, and logistics services (including customs and warehousing) has been deemed as essential in the delivery of important products and services. 

For business continuity, we remain open for business and in daily communications with our clients and international network of agents to continue moving cargo globally. In this environment, there are ongoing challenges with limitations to carrier and conveyance availability, impacting rates and shipping schedules. We are doing our utmost to address these challenges, and our operations team is actively communicating related service impact directly with clients on live and in transit cargo. 

Please read our notice for further details.

CARM Portal is Opening Soon

FCL Fisker Operations Notice

FCL Fisker Operations Notice


Beginning Fall 2020, CBSA will make the new Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) portal accessible online where importers will register and be able to view centralized customs data and some new functions, including:

  • Daily Notices and statements of Account (duty/tax DNs, SOAs); 
  • Make electronic payments 
  • Tool to help classify goods
  • Ability to request advanced rulings 

Importers will be able to authorize  access of the new CARM portal to a dedicated customs representative, to help manage the account information, submit accounting declarations, view rulings and reports. All other features to be made available in the CARM Portal in Spring 2021. 

Further details can be found from CBSA online

Single Window Initiative (SWI)

FCL Fisker Operations Notice

Single Window Initiative (SWI)


In January 2019, CBSA implemented the Single Window Initiative (SWI), which is a single automated system, designed to enhance the efficiency of entry processing by CBSA and Other Government Agencies (OGAs, or OGDs).  Customs entry data is submitted on an integrated import declaration (IID) in SWI, centralizing electronic data/documents for customs and OGDs to view in more detail, for each import transaction.  SWI IID clearances will soon become the new standard for electronic entry transactions of commercial cargo - postal mode is excluded.  As of April 1, 2020, OGD RMD and OGD PARS release options will be decommissioned.

This aligns with the U.S. import process, where the SWI standard was implemented in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) in 2016.

As background, the United Nations published “Recommendation 33 – Guidelines on Establishing a Single Window” (2005) developed by its Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT).  As a global guideline, it is “recommended that governments and those engaged in the international trade and movement of goods should actively consider implementing a “Single Window facility” in their country”.  The following report shares insight into select country implementation case studies.


Coronavirus - Chinese Ports Updates

Single Window Initiative (SWI)


On February 6, 2020 railway blockades started and have been set up in various location across Canada disrupting CN rail service. Current stoppages affect the rail service in both directions between Montreal, Halifax & St John, Western Canada and the US Midwest.

Please be advised that on Friday, February 21, 2020 Montreal Gateway Terminal (MGT) declared a Force Majeure enforcing that all containers must be removed from the Port of Montreal. Moving forward, storage charges will apply to all grounded containers. As there is currently no service to/from these points, any containers scheduled to move via CN rail now must be picked up by truck. 

Importers will be liable for any additional charges incurred until further notice.

Currently, the OPP is carrying out a court-ordered injunction to dismantle the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory blockade. Once successfully removed, clearance will take time to ensure the safety of railways prior to resuming services.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available. 

Please send your questions and concerns to:

Thank you,

The Fisker Team

Coronavirus - Chinese Ports Updates

Coronavirus - Chinese Ports Updates

Coronavirus - Chinese Ports Updates


Some Chinese container ports are planning on allowing shipside loading  as storage yards are overcrowded due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Starting March 1, the Port of Shanghai will allow shippers to load or pick up cargo. 

 The ports of Tianjin and Guangzhou have recently announced to implement similar strategies. 

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